Austria 1892-1918

1916  1-Heller, Austrian shield type

1909        20-Heller        

1902        1-Corona   
1904        1-Corona        

1900        5-Corona
1907        5-Corona        
1909        5-Corona, type I
1909        5-Corona, type II  
Austrian Coin Want-list
Updated 5-08-2008
Pending acquisitions (if any) in red
If you have any of these coins for sale or trade and they are in great condition (EF (Extra Fine) to
uncirculated condition, send me an email with an image and an offer.  I collect coins other than
Austrian, trades are possible!

In general (there are exceptions), I do not collect proof, special mint finish or any mint
packaged coins.
Updated 5-08-2008
Austrian Second Republic 1945-2001

Bi-metallic coinage:  I want normal examples; Not Handgehoben and not Proofs, ie I
want the everyday, run of the mill examples that were available from the bank and not the
ones that came from the Mint in pretty packages.

1996        50-Schilling, Austrian Millennium
1999        50-Schilling, Johann Strauss
2000        50-Schilling, Ferdinand Porsche
2001        50-Schilling, The Schilling                                                                  
Austrian Coins,
Medals & Tokens
*1952      2-Schilling
*1957      5-Schilling  

*1937      5-Groschen
*1938      5-Groschen
*1936      50-Groschen
*1932      1-Schilling
*1892      1-Corona        
*1897      1-Corona   
*1905      1-Corona        
*1906      1-Corona        
*1907      1-Corona  
Several of the coins listed below can be expensive in higher grades... currently, I am not in the market for these coins.