The Austrian Artist Prof. Stefan Schwartz
Schwartz, Stefan, (St. Schwartz) b. Nitra, Slovakia (later named Neutra), Aug. 20, 1851; d. Raab
an der Thaya (Lower Austria), July 31, 1924.  Designed the 1915 Gold Corona and the 1912
1816-1916, Banking Medal by Prof. Stefan Schwartz,
Bronze, app. 67mm
Austrian Coins,
Medals & Tokens
Allegory:  Not sure, Mother & Child?  Image furnished by the owner Carolyn of Maine in the
Bronze Medal by Prof. Stefan Schwartz, Uni-face, app.
80 X 80mm

It is titled "Adagio" which means the same in German
and English but is/was originally Italian.  It is a music
term and means "at a slow tempo".  In the context of
this medal; I find that less than illuminating.

If we examine the image critically.....  There is the
crescent moon above and the child is resting on a
curved surface, possibly the globe of the Earth?
Anyway the child does not appear to be resting on a
traditional bassinet, crib, swaddling clothes, etc.
The woman and dress are diaphanous and indistinct (often an artistic tool to draw the
attention to a particular area) with the face much more detailed and she is not holding the
child (as in most traditional mother and child poses), in fact even the position of her right arm
seems somewhat indeterminate.  Her face and position of gaze does tend to remind me of a
traditional Madonna and child.  Possibly Mary and Christ, Mary and "Man" even possibly one
of the Greek/Roman Goddess and some hero.  

Must be allegorical but to precisely what, presently, still escapes me.