Austrian 25 Schilling Coins
The Twenty-Five Schilling coins are 0.800 Silver, weigh 13g, and have a diameter of 30mm.
1955 Reopening of the National
Theater in Vienna
 The obverse
design is by Adolf Hofmann and was
used after his death.
1956 200th Anniversary
Birth of Mozart  
Obverse by
Arnold Hartig, Reverse by
Edwin Grienauer.
Ten years after the end of WWII,
Austria regained her sovereignty.  The
reopening of the National Theater
symbolized to the Austrians a return to
a normal cultural life. The obverse
depicts an actor on stage (in the Greek
tradition) with the curtains being
opened in the background.  The
inscription "Wiederoffnung Der
Bundestheater" (Reopening of the
National Theater) encircles the design
and the date "1955" is at the bottom.
1957 800th Centennial,
Mariazell Basilica  
Obverse and Reverse by
Edwin Grienauer.
1958 100th Anniversary
of the Birth of Auer
von Welsbach  
by Ludwig Hujer.
1959 Centennial of the Death
of Archduke Johann  
by Norz(?)
1960 40th Anniversary
Carinthian Plebiscite  
Obverse by Hans
1964 Franz
 (1791 to
1872)   Obverse
design by Edwin
1963 300th
Anniversary Birth of
Prince Eugen  
Obverse design by
Edwin Grienauer.
1961 40th Anniversary
design by Ludwig Hujer
1962 Anton Bruckner  
Obverse design by
Edwin Grienauer.
1965 150th
Anniversary Vienna
Technical High
design marked HK.  
Heinz Klarmüller?
1966 130th
Anniversary death of
Ferdinand Raimund  
Obverse design by
Ferdinand Welz.
1967 250th Anniversary
Birth of Maria Theresa  
Obverse design re-engraved
by Alfred Zierler, Reverse by
Edwin Grienauer.
1968 300th
Anniversary Birth of
Von Hildebrant  
Obverse design by Kurt
1970 100th Anniversary Birth
of Franz Lehar  
design by Ferdinand Welz,
Reverse design by Edwin
1969 Peter
design by Wolfgang
1972 50th Anniversary
death of Carl M Ziehrer  
Obverse design by Helga
Wenisch, Reverse by  Edwin
1971 200th Anniversary
Vienna Bourse   
design by Fritz Tiefenthaler,
Reverse by Edwin Grienauer.
1973 100th
Anniversary birth of
Max Reinhardt   
Obverse design by
Ferdinand Welz.
This coin commemorates Max Reinhardt
(1873-1943), whose wife Helene Thimig played at
the National Theater in Vienna from 1946-1968.

The native Badener (Baden Germany) made his
career as a director and a theatre leader mainly
in Berlin.  He also led the theater in the Josefstadt
in Vienna.  In 1929 he created the famous
Reinhardtseminar in Vienna, from which
many great actors emerged.  He was also joint
founder and director/conductor of the Salzburger
festivals.  He died an emigrant in New York in
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