Austrian Coins 1892-1918
1892-1916, 1-Heller, Copper/Nickel, 1.66g., 17mm.
(The 1-Heller of 1916 was minted in two varieties,
one with a Hapsburg coat of arms on the eagles
breast and one with the Austrian Federal Shield.
1892-1915, 2-Heller, Cu/Ni,  
3.32g., 19mm.
1915-1916, 10-Heller,
Copper/Nickel/Zinc, 3.00g.,
1916-1918, 2-Heller, Iron, 2.77g
1892-1911, 10-Heller, Nickel,
3.00g., 19mm.
1916 10-Heller Austrian
Shield on Eagle's Breast
1892-1914, 20-Heller, Nickel,
4.00g., 21mm.
1915-1918, 20-Heller, Iron,
3.33g, 21mm.
1892-1907, 1-Corona, 0.835  
Silver, 5.00g 23mm.
1908 1-Corona, 0.835 Silver,
5.00g, 23mm.
1912-1916, 1-Corona, 0.835
Silver, 5.00g 23mm.
1912-1913, 2-Corona, 0.835
Silver, 10.00g., 27mm.
1900,1907 5-Corona,
0.900 Silver, 24.00g  

(no image at this time)
1908 5-Corona, 0.900 Silver,
24.00g., 36mm.
1909, 5-Corona, .900 Silver, 24.00g., 36mm.  (no image at this time)

1909, 5-Corona, (Small Head Obverse), .900 Silver, 24.00g., 36mm.  (no image at this time)

Some few Gold Coins pictured on this page...GOLD!

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Francis Josef I (German Franz Josef) (1830-1916)  Francis Josef I, emperor of Austria
(1848-1916) and king of Hungary (1867-1916) was the last important ruler of the Habsburg
dynasty; his policies played a major role in the events that led to World War I (1914-1918).

In 1867, Emperor Francis Joseph was forced to come to a compromise with the Hungarian nation.  
The compromise gave Hungary its own constitution and a nearly independent status. After 1867
the empire was known as Austria-Hungary, and popularly referred to as the dual monarchy.
Austria and Hungary were separate states, each with its own constitution, government, parliament,
and language. The Magyars predominated in Hungary while the Germans had a privileged
position in Austria. The two states were linked by a single monarch, who was emperor in Austria
and King in Hungary, and by common ministers of foreign affairs, war, and finance.  

Charles I (1887-1922) Charles I (of Austria) was emperor of Austria (1916-1918) and, as Charles
IV, king of Hungary and was the last Austro-Hungarian monarch and the last of the Habsburg

In 1892 Austria adopted the gold standard with 1 Corona = 100 Heller.  
Austrian coins minted for use in Hungary (not pictured) are different from coins intended to be
used in Austria.
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