Austrian 100 Schilling Coins
The 100 Schilling coins are .640 Silver, weigh 24g and are 36mm in diameter.
1974-h and 1974-v   Winter Olympics
1974 Winter Olympics
1, Emblem and rings  The obverse
design is by Ferdinand Welz.  This
reverse is used on many of the later
100-Schilling coins.

This reverse is common to many of
the 100 Schilling coins
This coin and the next two Olympic coins
were minted at two different mints.  The
reverses identified the mint of production
with a small symbol at the bottom of the
coin.  One symbol is the Austrian National
Heraldic Eagle which signified mintage at
the Hall Mint and the other is the shield of
Vienna which signified mintage at the
Austrian National Mint in Vienna.  The
obverse design is by Alfred Zierler.
1974-h and 1974-v Winter
, Ski Jump  Reverses from
the two Mints mentioned above.
Designed by Bucheder.
1975 20th
Anniversary State
1974 International
Garden Exhibition
Obverse design by
Kurt Bodlak.  Same
reverse as the
Olympic coins above
but without a mint
1974-h and 1974-v Winter Olympics, Skier  
Reverses from the two Mints mentioned above.  
Designed by Helmut Zobl
1975  150th Anniversary Birth of
Johann Strauss Jr
. (1825-1899)  
In the 19th century, Viennese music was dominated by
Johann Strauss Sr. and his three sons Johann Jr., Josef
and Eduard.  Johann Strauss Jr. composed over 170
waltzes, the most popular being The Blue Danube
(1867).  This reverse is the same as depicted above for
the Olympics Building and Rings coins but without a mint
symbol at the bottom.
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